Robert K. Merton (1910 - 2003)    American sociologist Robert Merton is perhaps best known for his theory of deviance, which locates the source of crime within the structure of American society. Merton drew on Émile Durkheim's concept of Anom  ie  and modified it to refer to the the strain put on individuals' behavior when accepted norms conflict with social reality (Giddens et al., 2012. Essentials of Sociology, 4th ed.)

Action theory sociology essay rubric Read this essay on Sociology Rubric. Definition of a theory and sociological theory, by isolating the most critical variables that affect it through action.

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The Westboro Baptist Church plans on protesting in front of the Clayton High School for about 30 minutes, holding their notorious signs that don hateful and bigoted bible passages.

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Sociology Revision: - Beliefs in Society - Theories

Linda Woodhead - new sociology of religion - secularisation debate

Linda Woodhead - new sociology of religion - secularisation debate

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In case you missed it, yesterday marked Earth Overshoot Day for the year of If you& unfamiliar with Earth Overshoot Day, it is the day whereby humans have used up their allowance of natural resources that Earth can replenish in one year.

Wikipedia: Civil Religion

Wikipedia: Civil Religion

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