Kyffin Williams

Sir Kyffin Williams, Sir John "Kyffin" Williams, May 1918 – 1 September was a Welsh landscape painter who lived at Pwllfanogl, Llanfairpwll on the Island of Anglesey. Williams is widely regarded as the defining artist of Wales during the century.

Chrissy Norman, Suffolk, England. Printmaker artist. "Cromer Pier on a stormy summer weekend". 12.5x25.5cm Edition 60.

Chrissy Norman(British) Distant Pier © Chrissy Norman yama-bato: Love the composition used here.


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“ Waves Breaking against the Wind (detail), J.M.W. Turner, ca. 1840 ”

TURNER“ Waves Breaking against the Wind 1840 ” Later in life Turner's works became more and more abstract, looking more like fields of colors. He would greatly influence Modern painting, but during his life was ridiculed for this