Giulia Concept

Giulia Concept Alfa Romeo Giulia coupe - classic car icons reimagined for 2014

8C Competizione

Desktop Wallpapers with inspiring green car 3500 Alfa Romeo Competizione Spider. In this urban race car sports a jet mixed pros such as airbrushing, design and large wheels.


Pininfarina Alfa Romeo Concept is Set for Production in 2015 roadster will be manufactured at Mazda’s plant in Hiroshima, Japan and is rumored to feature a turbocharged engine capable of about 200 horsepower.

Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ3 Corsa and it's bloodline

Alfa Romeo Giulia Corsa and it's bloodline

Nice rendition/concept of the classic Giulia

Alfa Romeo by Daniel Alho / New Alfa Romeo GT Concept Car?

The Gloria concept. I think it lacks balance. Normally sharp edges and feminine curves prevail. This looks like Blobby gave birth to Eva Longoria

Alfa Romeo has unveiled a new BMW 5 Series-sized Gloria concept car at the Geneva Motor Show

Alfa Romeo Giulia GT50 Concept is a Modern Reinterpretation of Bertone's Classic Sprint GT

Alfa Romeo Giulia Concept is a Modern Reinterpretation of Bertone's Classic Sprint GT - Carscoop

Alfa Romeo Alfa Giulia Car Concept by Vincent Montreuil

From the first view, this is definitely an Alfa Romeo's rendering, with the iconic 'ring' rims ! This was a rendering by an art student in college for his.

Disco Volante concept 2012

Carrozzeria Touring Disco Volante Concept Car is inspired by the original Alfa Romeo Disco Volante, nonetheless the entire design and style has been thoroughly…

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