North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii is where you go to see the big waves and surfing in the winter months. This is when the waves are big and all the surfers are in Halweia, the main surfing town on the North Shore.


Lara would like to learn this.unfortunately for her we live in Holland.only windsurfing & kitesurfing

Sand & Surf

i like how close the sand is, you can see the sun through the water which creates a prism of magnificent colors :) love the blue, green and gold


John loves surfing at the beach. He met Savannah at the beach when she dropped her purse in the ocean. This shows is a picture of a man surfing, and relaxing through life.


"A wave does not have a reality of it's own; it has it's essence in water.] become familiar with the self as a person free from roles.


Can I quit school and just surf/beach bum it for the rest of my life? These are my favorite pictures, duck diving


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