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Linia Halo Ring

Slide View: 3: Fringed Spoon Drop Earrings

Fringed Spoon Drop Earrings

kate spade new york "Kate Spade Pendants" "A" Pendant Necklace, + Extender - Top Drawer Jewelry

Jewelry designer and porcelain ceramicist Kathleen Whitaker's ubiquitous gold line and dot stud earrings are getting a colorful lift with a new collection that combines her signature fine, polished metal pieces with rough semi-precious stones. The two elements are juxtaposed beautifully. Some of

Kathleen Whitaker Stone Collection

Sibilia Cylinder Drop Earrings

Oh I can see these fitting into my wardrobe very well Sibilia Cylinder Drop Earrings

Slide View: Amara Earrings- Tap the link now to see our super collection of accessories made just for you!

The Coba Mobile Earrings with shapes inspired by Henri Matisses cut-outs. His collage work transformed paint and paper into a colorful world of jungles goddesses oceans and symbols. I love that he referred to it as drawing with scissors

The Coba Mobile earrings feature a pair of balanced asymmetrical forms wrapped with cobalt and blush thread.