Elliot Hundley

Elliott Hundley Installation view at the Hammer Museum, with works Garland, Proscenium, and Garden (for Ivan), 2006 (from left to right) Fragile Pleasure - artnet Magazine

elliot hundley

The Elliott Hundley exhibition makes for very compelling looking where many bits of dollar-store materials and found objects mix and coalesce with photographs of family and friends of the artist pl.

Jacob Hashimoto macro-instalation-view-2.jpg

Jacob Hashimoto‘s ephemeral installations, often done in an overall soft white hue and constructed from light rice paper, intend to simulate nature

Jacob Hashimoto

Ronchini Gallery, Jacob Hashimoto, Mayfair gallery from 29 June – 28 August

Jacob Hashimoto 2

Jacob Hashimoto - Selected Exhibitions - The Ronchini Gallery 2012

Artist Kerry Miller's reimagined book!

Handbook to the Order of Lepidoptera book sculpture by Kerry Miller

Our main teaching studio

Our main teaching studio

Elliott Hundley - Artist - Andrea Rosen Gallery

Drawing of Head - Elliott Hundley - Exhibition - Andrea Rosen Gallery