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an ocean beach with waves coming in to the shore
Sea Foam - Peony Lim
Sea Foam
the water is flowing down the side of a waterfall in blue and green tones,
Turquoise Blue Waterfall by Silken Photography
Earthy shades of blue and green, like the ones shown in this photo, are featured in the winter 2014-2015 "Breakthrough" palette.
the water is very clear and green under a dark sky with storm clouds in the distance
stormy ocean
six blue and white bowls sitting on top of a table
Matupo Pottery – Marjorie Wallace
Matupo Pottery – Marjorie Wallace | Design Network Africa
a blue bowl sitting on top of a green plate with a black rim and bottom
Stephen Roberts 2 - this is one of the most beautiful crackled glazes I've seen
three bowls stacked on top of each other in front of a white background with the words, ribbed ceramic bowl
Glaze cours
a wire basket filled with eggs sitting on top of a polka dot covered tablecloth
Duck egg blue/brick brown
pink marshmallows lined up on top of each other with wooden sticks sticking out of them
colors of life
the water is crystal clear and blue
many different pictures of blue and green items in the same photo, one is empty
Toves Sammensurium
three plates and two spoons on a wooden table with one empty plate in the middle
Yuniko Studio - The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.
Yuniko Studio ceramics. Photo by Angelita Bonetti.
a stack of plates sitting on top of a wooden table
light blue
Méchant Design: light blue
four blue and white bowls sitting on top of a wooden table
DIY hand-painted ceramic tealight holders
Draw the patterns on the ceramic dishes with a Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Paint Pen (the color I used was Lapis), allow them to dry for 24 hours, then bake them in the oven to set the ink. Super easy and I love the results: