A Multi-Tasking Activity Gross motor skills -- this activity is for letter recognition, but I could see it for vocabulary (1 student reads a definition, other student finds and bounces the ball on the word) or Math ...many thoughts for this one, multiples, factors, vocabulary, place value...oh my brain is swimming!!!

A Multi-Tasking Activity

Good idea for co-treat with OT/PT/SLP Letter toss game - working on balance, visual motor control and letter recognition; also great for visual scanning.

Lillypad sight word jumping so easy to DIY this up. (use for minimal pairs for aud. discrim, artic, etc.)

Another pinner said Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations: Word Work. Students place the lily pad "sight words" or any word families around the room and say them as they hop on each word. I can see adapting this for any math skill as well!

We have a huge list of learning to read activities that are so much fun. If you need to learn something, why not learn through play?

200+ Learning To Read Activities

Learning To Read Activities and Crafts for Kids. Make learning and reading fun for little ones with interactive games, activities, and crafts.

Learn through play with Sight Word Hopscotch (change to suit your learning needs - letters, numbers, vocabulary, colors, etc) Get kids active, outdoors & learning!

Learn through play with Sight Word Hopscotch. Take learning outdoors - get physical, work on gross motor skills, have fun and learn along the way! Great idea for summer school

Ways to use a sight word ball - If student is already reading, have them read the words on the color they catch. If student knows all the words, have them create a sentence with as many words as they can from the color they picked.

Kinetic Sight Word Activity... With a Beach Ball

Kinetic Sight Word Activity… use a Sharpie to write the 100 most common early reader words on a beach ball. Play a game - toss the ball and read a word on the color closest to your chest!

Variation on a posting activity. Or the student to feed the hand letters or words from a list? L

Teaching the /r/ sound

This website gives great detail on multiple ways of eliciting the /r/ speech sound through Play-Doh, suckers, and the mighty mouth!

Writing sight words on bubble wrap, and the reader gets to pop the bubble when they read the word correctly! My child LOVES to pop these.

From Teacher Tipster. found a use for bubblewrap! write sight words on the flat part of the bubblewrap and when student reads the word correctly, they get to pop the bubble! You could do letter recognition, number recognition, math facts, etc.

Letters on bottle lids in box - put in the letters of the HFWs and Tricky words being taught that week - for chn to arrange and take photo of their work

letters on bottle tops for word work centers - spelling center, just have to get my friends to save their bottle caps

Learning Games Using Plastic Easter Eggs - 8 educational games using Easter Eggs that you can use to help your child master math, reading and other skills.

Learning Games Using Plastic Easter Eggs - 8 educational games using Easter Eggs that you can use to help your child master math, reading and other skills.

Gross Motor Sight Word Game: Cup Crash! Modify with words from verses? Say them in order and stack. Could do in small groups and take turns throwing the balls.(OR possibly a God is bigger than....activity)

Gross Motor Sight Word Game: Cup Crash!

Sight Word Cup Crash - Write sight words on Solo cups. Have the student read each word and stack it on the counter. After reading all of the words and making a tower, the student can knock it over with a ball.

Lego Spelling Game - 25 More DIY Educational Activities for Kids

24 More DIY Educational Activities for Kids

This clever mom created Duplo letter bricks to help teach letters and spelling. From: "Filth Wizardry: DIY spinny spellers and repurposing Duplo bricks"

Phonics practice with Word Rolls. Clever way to use wrapping paper tubes!

Word Rolls