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KFC Chicken FakeAway Slimming World

KFC Chicken FakeAway Slimming World - can use flour instead of cous-cous as it doesn't need to SW friendly

Sticky Five Spice Gammon - Slimming World Recipe - extra easy 1 syn

Sticky Five Spice Gammon - Slimming World Recipe. 1 Sun definitely worth it, would work with chicken or prawns also

Syn Free Coleslaw | Slimming World -

Coleslaw is a classic side dish to accompany salads, jacket potatoes, BBQs and of course our Low Syn KFC Fakeaway, but, as with many of our favourite things it's pretty high in syns. So why not make y

Syn Free Fakeaway Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce | Slimming World -

Regular visitors to the site you'll know that before Slimming World we used to enjoy the odd takeaway. Well, I say 'odd' takeaway. Whether it was Italian, Indian, Pizza or Chinese we'd have it at leas

Slimming Eats Indian Fakeaway Night - Save yours syns and create some of my favorite Indian dishes in your own home. - Slimming World and Weight Watchers friendly

This is the first installment of Slimming World friendly fakeaway nights I am going to be bringing you. Occasionally we fancy a takeaway right? But do you really want to blow all those syns? There are a few things you can choose that will keep you on plan