Button art

Button Art - Colorful button creations by Karen Hurley from Auckland, New Zealand.

fun line, profile, figure project middle school art

Kris Trappeniers (Some more experimentation with zentangle/mandala.) Zen tangle portraits- NEW take on self portrait?

The Art of Su Blackwell

British artist Su Blackwell skillfully snips and cuts until the pages of those old bird watching journals, and forgotten fairytales become stunningly delicate, sculptural pieces of art.

Photo "Stained face" by Alexander Khokhlov | Face Paint

or not collaboration by photographer Alexander Khokhlov and make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan, faces painted to transform models into paintings.

Laine Fraser - Designer and Illustrator

Cat Girl by Laine Fraser - Designer and Illustrator images collage photography

Stefan Sagmeister

I like how the artists has brought together man and nature through fragments. I particularly like the themes behind this piece and the way he has brought together the realistic portraiture of the man with a whimsical pattern.

fragmented/ syniadau unigryw a gwahanol i greu hunan bortread

This photo is very similar to Gordon Magnin in the style of which it has been digitally manipulated. It shows complete disorder through having several eyes, noses and eyebrows.