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Fun Crafts Made With Autumn Leaves: Autumn Art (via FamilyFun Magazine)

Autumn Art: Use beautiful fall leaves as canvases for doodle designs. Press colorful finds inside a heavy book for about 10 days, then draw on them with metallic paint markers. To add a bit more strength and shine, seal the finished leaves with Mod Podge.

painted leaves. these seem so cool.

Bright painting ideas turn ordinary fall leaves into amazing artworks, unique gifts and home decorations. Creative painting ideas add color and interesting design to real leaves, offering beautiful art and craft ideas for kids and adults.

Love the looks on these guys' faces! Paint a clay pot black. Using white tan and brown, paint in the reindeer. Add gold antlers using a paint pen. OR buy it HERE

This beautiful hand painted terracotta pot that is painted with cute little Reindeer. I call this Reindeer in Headlights. The reindeer are painted