free pattern

cozy bunting bag to protect baby from drafts.Pattern in French. Or maybe make this from an old scarf? I wish I could knit.

I made the elephant in blue - turned out very cute. I LOVE the trunk on this toy. If I was making it again, I would adjust the patterns to make the legs longer. Otherwise very cute. This was also my first attempt at a stuffed animal - easy pattern, a good place to start for knitters who are getting sick of scarves and pot holders.

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Knitted baby feet

The Baby Feet knitting pattern is an easy and cute little pattern. Made in one piece it can be a pram charm or made as a memento of a new arrival.

FREE pattern for this football baby cocoon! How totally cute! Love it, thanks so xox.

Knit Football Cocoon and Hat - Pattern

Here in the Waiting Place: Crocheted Football Baby Cocoon & Hat ( Yes, this is a pic of a knitted football cocoon. this pic is the one she got the inspiration from for the CROCHET pattern. The pattern is on this web site.