I have such a strong affinity lately for Ganesh (or Ganesha) the elephant headed, Hindu God. Ganesh is known as the "Remover of Obstacles",.


Beautiful painting by Zeng Hao! Green Tara - originally a Hindu goddess and later adopted by some forms of Buddhism. She is known as the mother of liberation, a protectress, an obstacle remover, and an earth mother.

Bailarina flor de lotto

Quan Yin - Female Goddess of Compassion in Buddhism.Chinese goddess of compassion Quan Yin-offer up your life as a prayer to the the divine. Your self awakening is the greatest gift you can give the world.

Shiva flor de lotto

Zeng Hao Dun Huang -China Her paintings not only sounding like the concept, Zeng Hao is to have a strong human aesthetic feeling young art.

Budha & Shiva

A beautiful version of the Kuan Yin Mantra, Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa chant with music and vocals by Imee Ooi. Namo (Sanskrit)- Homage to / Refuge in Guan (Chin.

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