Two hares by Ian MacCulloch  I love linoleum block prints and I think this is a great example of one ( I could be wrong about the type of print).

Two hares by Ian MacCulloch. I saw this guy's prints in the gallery at Southwold. Printed in black on a pre-tinted background.

Ian MacCulloch

Resting Fox Ian MacCulloch Woodcut I love the detail that went into the trees and how MacCulloch was able to show different perspectives. I really wanted one of my projects to be a forest scene.

Blue Meadow - linocut by Angie Lewin - printmaker

Angie Lewin - Blue Meadow linocut- Ths one uses thin but dark lines and passtell colours. It looks through contour lines and the colour is evenly spread.

janine partington: poppy seedheads                                                                                                                                                                                 More

yellow house art licensing - artists - H I J K - black poppy seedheads

This is an original linocut print titled Flora. Hand crafted from start to finish with sustainable materials. Printed in blue eco-friendly ink.

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Beautiful!! Stephanie Kubo

Stephanie Kubo - Typography and Illustration Design, DIY Colorful Illustrative Tags

▶ Reduction Linocut Printing part 1 - YouTube

Here is a short video of how I print a reduction linocut on a vintage Korrex letterpress. It is in a couple of parts, since the printing process is rather long.

magpie of the mind-cas holmes

Cas Holmes_Lace Flowers unfolding forms combining an old book on lace making with Kantfabriek lace and lace floral curtains.