The Joseph Cornell Box - huge fan of Joseph Cornell's art - this web site nicely matches his brand by layering and using found objects

Identity Box by Susan McCarrell. Displayed in the Joseph Cornell Box readers gallery.

Alexander Korzer-Robinson Book Sculptures

Alexander Korzer-Robinson creates intricate collages from antiquarian books by cutting out whitespace and text, to leave only the images.

The Joseph Cornell Box

The Listening Center, 2012 Mary Jo Kattelman (Newark, Missouri, USA) wooden box filled with found objects and a starling skeleton x x cm)

Peter Blake Montage

Sir Peter Blake’s Art Secrets in Shortlist Pick up today’s May) issue of Shortlist to see Peter Blake reveal the inspiratio.

conversationswiththelight: Joseph Cornell, Untitled (To Marguerite Blachas), c. 1939-40

Joseph Cornell: Untitled (To Marguerite Blachas), circa "Book-object made with volume XXII of 'Journal d'agriculture practique' (Paris, containing several small objects, magazine clippings, fabric and synthetic hair"

check out these cut-book art

Diorama in a book Meyers Lexikon 2012 :: by Alexander Korzer-Robinson (cut encyclopaedia,