Minimal living

Beautiful moody living room decoration with gray color room, polished floor, yellow and black color sofa chair with beautiful accents & accessories. It's a modern and classic moody living room decoration idea.

cool peacock hues juxtaposed with dark walls + a neutral textured rug

La table basse by

Un trio de couleurs chic et vintage • Peintures teintes (de haut en bas) "Juniper Ash", "Hicks' Blue" et "Yellow Pink" à partir de 37 euros le litre, Little Greene.

Peinture WC : les bonnes couleurs, bleu, gris

#kellywearstlerXdomaine #bold #color

Exclusive First Look at Haymes 2015 Colour Forecast

in a jungle living room, a green sofa sat against a deep dark slate-green wall with added zing from the checkered floor

DS House, Sao Paulo, 2015 - Studio Arthur Casas

This project is a large renovation of a house designed in the eighties by Italian-Brazilian architect Ugo di Pace. The client, whose grown-up children left the family home, aimed for functionality and further integration between spaces now inhabited.

Exquisite design floor lamp - The best of floor lamps - examples of floor lights fixtures you can use to decorate your house in a vintage or a more midcentury modern style.


Delightfull Unique Lamps is all about mid-century modern lighting creations. A unique design for a vintage or contemporary home interior. Handmade floor, suspension, table and wall lamps.

Green paint (lighter than this, maybe) with gray furniture, a few fun pops of color and that reclaimed wood pallet wall.

Crisp Color Combo: Deep Green + Pale Gray

Green and Gray: Two unlikely colors work together beautifully when they share a warm undertone. Here, a deep green and pale gray create a calm and natural feel.

Heidi Lerkenfeldt / Get started on liberating your interior design at Decoraid (

Red, green and sand

Green interior design livingroom and unique velvet sofa by Heidi Lerkenfeldt // from Decoraid

warm grey, deep chartreuse, olive green with pops of deep yellow

Tout doux tout chaud

color palette: warm grey, deep chartreuse, olive green with pops of deep yellow

Inspiring Examples Of Minimal Interior Design 4 - UltraLinx

Inspiring Examples Of Minimal Interior Design 4

This Berlin loft is a dream come true: heigh ceilings, hard wood floors, design furniture and a concrete bathroom. I love that there is a seating area in the bathroom.

Madmen Decor

Don Drapers Apartment - Home To Two Bars To Party Like A Mad Man Don Draper’s Birthday Party Surprise Mad Men season 5 debuts Don and Megan Draper’s new Manhattan apartment and as Dick Whitman.


Creating your own cocoon