Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol ~ Lesson Ideas from Teach Beside Me

Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol ~ Lesson Ideas

Workhouse Gruel

Before Hitler against the Jews came Victorian England against the poor! Workhouse is a synonym for concentration camp. "Work will set you free" repeated by the Nazis

Are you looking for a meaningful way to integrate writing in your social studies classroom? Try historical journals! A great way to integrate narrative writing and history!

Literacy Loves Company

Paper bags have always been there to hold our "stuff" but it's time to give the paper bag the glory it deserves! Here are 8 clever classroom uses that'll make you want to "brown bag" it this school year.

Poor women making baskets in the workhouse 1800s

Women in Work House picking oakum. The Work Houses signified the end of the line. It was either prostitution or the Work House, sometimes both. How sad, for we don't know what brought them to this point.