guacamole recipe

Classic guacamole

Classic guacamole “Super-quick and easy, this guacamole recipe is delicious with fajitas, quesadillas, dolloped into a wrap or served as a snack with crunchy veggies

The best roast turkey - Christmas or any time

The best roast turkey - Christmas or any time

If you're worried about how to cook the perfect Christmas turkey, don't be; Jamie Oliver's Christmas turkey recipe will show you exactly what to do.

It's all about 'chuffing' your potatoes to get that crispness! Really yummy.

Perfect roast potatoes

It's so important to get roast potatoes right; this roast potatoes recipe gives you three different seasoning options so you can make the perfect spuds.

I reckon gravy has the power to transform, or even save, a meal. What I want you to do this year is open your mind to a slightly radical idea: making it a few days, or even weeks before Christmas.

Get-ahead gravy

Get Ahead Gravy -- Jamie Oliver recipe for making a great gravy base to freeze -- save time and simplify on Xmas & Thanksgiving!

This pork stuffing recipe with sage, onion and chestnuts will give you amazing flavour and texture and making it yourself you see everything that goes in.


Pork, Sage, Onion & Chestnut stuffing - Jamie Oliver - will make into stuffing balls and prepare ahead.

Squashed brussels roasted with chorizo and chestnuts

Squashed Brussels

Squashed Brussels sprouts are a thing of beauty – cooked up with chorizo, this sprouts recipe from Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook is a winning combo.

Beef Wellington--“This is one of those ultimate blowout dishes that hits the right spot several times in one meal ” Read more at

Beef Wellington

Beef wellington can be tricky to master but when done well is always a show stopper – try for yourself with Jamie's delicious beef wellington recipe.

Roasted marmalade ham More

Roasted marmalade ham

Think this is how I'm using up the Christmas pannetone I froze. Bonkers Bread & Butter Panettone Pudding Tart | Bread Recipes | Jamie Oliver

Bonkers bread & butter panettone pudding tart

Bonkers bread & butter panettone pudding tart A total showstopper We all know we love bread and butter pudding, but it’s time for a change – this version is super-fun

Mars bar squares

Jamie Oliver - The best chicken, chorizo and rosemary risotto with roasted balsamic baby tomatoes