Temple in the garden at Chiswick House, London.

Temple in the garden at Chiswick House, London. went every Sunday with my dad and his dog, had many a picnic here as a child


photographer John Thompson show the reality of existence in the when photography was in its infancy. In 1876 he set out with writer Adolphe Smith and together the pair spoke to people and the shots were later published in magazine, Street Life in London.

Fleet Street, London, 1897

amateurcasualvictorianist: “Fleet Street, London, 1897 Home of the British Press, this photograph is taken from a vantage point a little bit further back from an earlier picture I posted called.

Le Louvre en 1859 - Gustave Le Gray

Paris ZigZag on

Gustave Le Gray (French, 1820 - 'Mollien Pavilion, the Louvre' 1859

St. Reinoldi (Dortmund)

St. Reinoldi (Dortmund)

Marienkirche (Dortmund)

Marienkirche (Dortmund)

Guerre de Crimée - Le Siège de Sébastopol (Franz Roubaud 1904)

October 1853 – Crimean War- The Ottoman Empire declares war on Russia.

Pays de Galles

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Bistrita, Romania

The Carpathians, birthplace of Vlad the Impaler and legendary home of Count Dracula.