Bottle cap sail boats - ready to race! These sail boats are such a quick and straightforward activity to do with your kids. Perfect for all ages and abilities!

How to make bottle cap sail crafts

We made very simple little sail boats using bottle caps (ours are from milk bottles but I’m sure any would do), pipe cleaners, foam sheets, glue and tape

Linked to fire fighters!

Firefighters rescue magnetic alphabet and numbers in shredded paper sensory bin

New year display! Write hopes on balloons. 'We've got high expectations!'

oh the places you'll go- 4 different colored symmetrical balloons & string & silly pic of kid on construction paper-great for Dr Seuss week

Numbers Carwash- a fun preschool math activity!

Fun Game to Learn the Numbers: Numbers Car Wash

Fun Game to Learn your Numbers: Numbers Car Wash-- Practice your numbers, gross and fine motor skills development and even Spanish practice!

House of Baby Piranha: Name Rocket

House of Baby Piranha NAME ROCKET You will need: Black or Dark Blue Paper Bright Coloured Paper including red Scissors Glue Marker Pen Salt or Glitter If you absolutely love arts and crafts you actually will enjoy this site!

Make your own rockets. FREE PRINTABLE. Straw rockets, kids crafts, space crafts, preschool crafts, diy, crafts,

Simple Straw Rockets + Free Printable!

These simple straw rockets will be fab for kids to get stuck in making and then plenty of fun seeing how far they go. Plus a FREE Rocket template!

Editable Bus Role-Play Tickets...A set of bus tickets (singles and returns) for use in early years role-play.

A set of bus tickets (singles and returns) for use in early years role-play. The text is editable and so can be translated in to different languages if

Aladdin's Magic Carpet (craft for Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp from the Blue Fairy Book)

Kindergarten Magic Carpets Lines patterns, and still learning how to glue elementary art education beginning of the year project lesson