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compact frame, extra softness in facial features, sometimes evident in flesh. expressive, with exceptional emotionality and soulful sweetness.
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Spike Lee, 5'6". Not sure which gamin he belongs in, but he has some very yin features.

How Spike Lee Predicted Global Warming and Gentrification and .

Kevin Jonas, 5'9"

Free The Jonas Brothers Clipart and Disney Animated Gifs - Disney Graphic Characters Brought to You by Triplets And Us

Johnny Galecki, 5'5"

The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki on privilege, Penny and playing the underdog.

Robin Williams, 5'7"

Robin Williams Tribute Special to Air on PBS - The special is set to air at 9 p. 9 on PBS SoCaL. Other PBS stations’ air dates can be found in local listings.

Zach Galifianakis

Zach Galifianakis

Johnny Galecki

Johnny Galecki thanks Kaley Cuoco's husband after she forgets at 2015 PCAs