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Learn how to budget your money and become more financially responsible!
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money in a glass jar with the words 30 side jobs to make money and pay down debt
30 Side Jobs to Make Money & Help Pay Down Debt
Take a look at these 30 side jobs to make money and help pay off your debt.
a green poster with some words on it
How To Make Money Fast: 22 Quick and Proven Ways To Earn
Check out these few ways to make a bit of extra cash.
a stack of jeans with the words student discounts you may be missing out on
50+ Student Discounts You're Missing Out On
Save a few bucks simply by flashing your student ID card!
a pink piggy bank sitting on top of a pile of pennets and coins
Personal Loans, Made Personal - Happy Money
It’s easy to fall into credit card debt, but not so easy to dig yourself out...
a notebook with a pencil and calculator next to it that says how to track your expenies
This Free Printable Expense Tracker Keeps Tabs on ALL Your Spending
Learn how to track your expenses using the step-by-step found in this post. Definitely the most important part of the budgeting process! Includes a FREE printable Expense Tracker.
the printable calendar for women's health and beauty products is shown in pink
31 Ways to Save Money this Month
31 Ways to Save Money this Month FREE printable
classroom chairs with the words 5 practical ways to save money for college students on them
Practical Ways to Save Money for College Students
List of practical ways to save money for college students. I can't accept how expensive college is in this country, without a degree, however, is the only way to remain competitive BUT many are forced into a debt they can NEVER repay
a woman standing in front of a rack of clothes with the words how to spend less money
10 Ways to Spend Less Money This Semester
Always on a budget as a college student so it doesn't hurt to save a little here or there...
a piggy bank sitting on top of a red table cloth with the words, 100 more painless ways to live frugally
100 More (Painless) Ways to Live Frugally
100 More (Painless) Ways to Live Frugally | The Parsimonious Princess (List 2 of 3)
a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden desk next to a pile of books
My Student Loans Are Fully Paid Off!
My Student Loans are GONE
the 5 step plan how to get out of debt
How to Get Out of Debt
Living a rich life (materially and non-materially) requires that you have financial peace of mind. This is an excellent and simple 5 step plan to help you get out of debt.
a grocery store shelf filled with lots of food and condiments for $ 50
How To Make A 50 Dollar Per Week Meal Plan
How To Feed Your Family On Fifty $50 A Week #budgeting #mealplanning #finance
money with the words, i simple tip to pay off debt faster
How to Start Paying Off Debt...even with no extra money
Find out how this one simple tip can help you get out of debt YEARS faster. #debtfree #daveramsey
stacks of ten thousand euros bills on top of each other
Tips on #traveling in Europe on a #student budget.
a woman holding a grocery basket with the words my $ 70 grocery budget
$170 Grocery Budget Challenge | The Humbled Homemaker
1 family of 4 spent just $170 for a month of groceries! Here's how they made it work, along with a sample menu plan! Cutting back on grocery spending helped them pay off student loans...