Cute summer counting activity.

Watermelon Seed Counting

Watermelon Seed Counting - Cute and simple summer counting activity! FREE watermelon template or you can make them out of paper plates and have them color it for some art fun!

Exploring missing numbers with paint charts. Or skip counting! Laminate and use dry erase markers for continous use

Skip counting/number patterns with paint strips. You can laminate them, so the kids can write in the missing numbers with dry erase marker.

Counting, maths ideas in school, preschool, nursery

[Image Only] Number Matching Wheel using clothespins and stickers (pinned by Super Simple Songs) for

Really good Early Years Number activity which even the boys love.

eally good Early Years Number activity - great fine motor skill practice - could use color matching or shapes etc.

Counting & number recognition (",)- cute preschool spring project.

Counting, number recognition and correspondence -- cute preschool spring project. Love the pom pom ideas.

Mrs. Karen's Preschool Ideas-counting with circles on an octopus

Karen's Preschool Ideas - counting with circles on an octopus Large circle for octopus body and attach eight strips to the bottom numbered Have children draw on a face and add the appropriate number of circles to each strip.

Fine motor or counting activity

Put pairs together. The child will be able to use the different clothes pin to match the number on the animal.

Magnetic letter hunt! Can you find the first letter in your name can you spell your name? EYFS/pre-school activities.

Learning and Exploring Through Play: 44 Tuff Spot Play Ideas

Love the set up!

Love the creative, zen, calm, but creative feeling of this classroom space. What a difference plants can make.

Construction site role-play area- would be good outside with big blocks. Telephone to take orders, take measurements, customer service, money, building, health and safety, could easily lead into something else

construction zone play area - encourages imagination in the construction area!