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Planting Second Early Potatoes: Maris Peer - Carrot Tops

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Maris Piper cropped up in the UK in 1966 and was the result of a massive potato breeding initiative at the Plant Breeding Institute (PBI) in Cambridge.

We have Germany to thank for Gardener's Delight, specifically, Paul Tellhelm who first bred the plant 1950 and called it Benary's Gartenfreude, Hochzucht.

Young outdoor peas can be quite susceptible to pests, in particular, the birds, who will make short work of the greenery when it starts to poke through.

Planting First Early Potatoes: Petland Javelin

White Gem is recommended by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany because it's good for use in all soils. I've planted seeds or so apart.