triple sliding doors ( better than bifold) . Internal ceiling used as feature from outside. Seamless flow inside to outside.

L2 / 320 WOOD INTERNAL DOORS; Life House; John Pawson.

This is a beautiful solution for the problem of overflow ventilation between rooms. Life House by John Pawson.

Hidden door hinges.

Hidden hinges

Unfortunately, you only ever catch a very brief glimpse of the high-quality details of the concealed, high-quality door hinges, namely when the door is opened. For precisely this reason, DX hinges are a compelling solution for planners.

L1 / 104 PURPOSE MADE WINDOWS; Graux & Baeyens

An Alternative to the Sliding Door: 12 Pivot Doors

Built by GRAUX & BAEYENS architecten in Ghent, Belgium with date Images by Luc Roymans . House G-S in Ghent, Belgium This century corner house is located at the Muide waterfront area with a unique vi.

L2 / 324 HARDWARE FOR INTERNAL DOORS; pocket door edge pull;

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