water beads and marble run in the water tray

water beads and marble run in the water tray or.what about any type of sensory bin items (sand, beans, etc)

How to make a sand and rock box for your kids play trucks. They will love this!

DIY Sand and Rock Box

DIY Sand and Rock Box by FSPDT. Gdjk -> made this with toilet rolls (aka tunnels) and moon sand instead of play sand. My son loved playing with it. The moon sand cleans up nicely indoors but play sand will be easier to play with when using the small cars.

Pirate Treasure Island from Jo Jo's Tuff Tray Ideas  #smallworldplay #tufftray

Pirate small world ideas. Could link it to role play are, Literacy; Creative/Mark making; make a treasure map, telescope. Dressing up area. The possibilities are endless.

Quiet activity! Pick up pom poms with chopsticks - number cards could relate to number or colour - endless possibilities.....

Just a very simple idea for quieter sessions. Pom poms are so quiet. Children get the pom-poms with chopsticks or tweezers. good for counting sorting and fine manipulative. Can be done individually or they could choose a number then race to collect.

Number Fishing Tuff Spot 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Once I Caught A Fish Alive Nursery Rhyme | http://adventuresofadam.co.uk/number-fishing-tuff-spot/

Number Fishing Tuff Spot

Coloured spaghetti, pots, pans & utensils from http://bubble-and-balloons.blogspot.co.uk/ (",)

Photo on Bubbles and balloons: Tuff spot and messy play.

P is for Painting Cars Tuff Spot Messy Little Monster: Car Painting and Car Wash Activity for Kids

Painting with Toy Cars