What a cute Easter day craft idea after the egg hunt:)

Easter Crown - cheap and simple. Could be E's Easter hat this year.

3 Fun Easter Hat Parade Ideas | Childhood101

3 Fun Easter Hat Parade Ideas

3 fabulous and unique ideas for making Easter hats for this year's Easter hat parade.

Is it just me or is this a little creepy? She looks like the lady from that old movie Misery!

My contribution to the parade :D H thinks I should take it again and smile, but I'm quite amused by how mardy I look in the totally ridiculous hat!

Colorful Strips Easter Bonnet. Roll the paper into a cylinder and cut the strips, glue the opposing ends and leave one to make the handle. Cut colorful strips to apply this pattern around the cylinder. Stick this with the plate and finish off this Easter hat with some foam stars or teddy confetti.

Cool Easter Bonnet or Hat Ideas

No Easter celebration would be complete without the Easter bonnet. If you are confused about how to create your lovely kid’s bonnet, this may save your time.

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