This piece of etching looks so detailed and in   away I would like my work in etching to be as detailed as this but I dont feel I have the skills in etching as of yet to do this

An award-winning picture (etching) of a lightning whelk shell by Mark Woolbright

Judy Wise: Collographs with Akua Inks. Using Beeswax to create a textural printing plate

Judy Wise: Collographs with Akua Inks Base made from melted beeswax

Tessa Horrocks is a printmaking artist, inspired by nature and the microscopic world.

Tessa Horrocks - London Printmaking Artist, Pebbles are Great (colour series collagraph

Love the ominous vibe... Deep shadows and a strong light source.  (Kathe Kollwitz, Conspiracy.)

Deep shadows and a strong light source, by Kathe Kollwitz.

Michael Goro; Copper Etching Plate, 2008, Printmaking Reflections

other 2008 Printmaking "Reflections". Quite a run-down, distressed and dreary looking industrial site.

Intaglio print by Katie Degroot; part of series of flowers and plants "past their prime".

Artist Katie DeGroot makes that point wonderfully in her "Tribute to Dead Flowers" intaglio prints.

Soft ground etching - by  SharonParoliniArt  -

Sharon Parolini ~ California gingko, 2012 (soft ground etching) y aquí me di…

Goldfinches love teasles collagraph  by Kerry Buck

Kerry Buck - Goldfinches on Teasel fruit - collagraph print