Little White Lies, The Black Swan issue  by David Carson

Little White Lies, 33 - The Black Swan Issue. Cover illustration by Paul Willoughby. Cover typography by David Carson. Got the text to work with the image

Graphic Design Will Save The World, Right After Rock And Roll Does - Quote by David Carson

“Graphic design will save the world right after rock and roll does.” —David Carson Jumbo type on top of some Chinese Mao art. // typesara:quote-book: (via

Still making waves in graphic design all these years on... print | david carson design

David Carson This magazine is disorderly because the typography is all different sizes the edge seems like it has been taken from cut outs and this effect makes it dis orderly

David Carson

This guy is a legend :) David Carson. Newsweek magazine said he "changed the public face of graphic design".

David Carson, Surf Portugal

Designed and art directed by David Carson, SURFportigal magazine, August 2012

david carson

- Carson Magazine "Kate Moss" cover by David Carson & Alex Storch / June 2011