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a red door with an ornate design on it
cool door-I love cool doors, but I want to know where it is more!
an ornate door with sunflowers painted on the front and side panels above it
Beautiful Prague and Art Nouveau - Phyllis Dobbs Blog
"The doorways of opportunity present themselves in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It's both our choice to recognize them and to step through them." - Chris Mott - Find Your Sprinkles - www.mottivation.com
a bed sitting under a round window in a bedroom
A Gallery of Weird and Wonderful Windows
Windows. You know, those holes in the wall (preferably with glass in them) that let in light. Most windows are pretty unremarkable — you notice the view, but not the window itself. Not so for these windows. These windows are weird and wonderful and completely steal the show.
the inside of a house with a curved door and wooden bench in front of it
Canopy Living: The Ultimate Tree House
A lover of music, the client wanted a house that not only became part of the natural landscape but also addressed the flow of music.
an outdoor seating area is decorated with flowers and greenery for the guests to sit in
15 Unique Seating Charts | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog
We take a look at quirky seating charts and cool table plans to welcome your guests with a wow | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog
a living room filled with furniture and a large clock on the wall
From architect Michael R Davis' website: The The Clock on Old Fulton Street in Brooklyn Heights is a 1,200 square foot loft located in an →
First step, get house with big round window. Second step...steampunk room and make window into giant clock
an office with a phone on the wall
Macrokiosk - Kuala Lumpur Offices | Office Snapshots
an attic bedroom with lots of furniture and decor
going 🌻 home
Similar to my Bedroom layout-good idea to maximize space.
an old building with two large windows on the front and one is made out of glass
21 Amazing Secret Places To Find In London
St. Martin's Window, Trafalgar Square | 21 Amazing Secret Places To Find In London
a man standing on the steps to a tiny cabin in the woods with windows and doors
Off-The-Grid Weekends Are Easy at This Author's Tiny "Glass House"
Off-The-Grid Weekends Are Easy at This Author's Tiny "Glass House" - CountryLiving.com
an attic bedroom with white walls and carpeted flooring, two red chairs in front of the bed
Fun Ideas To Make The Most Of Small Spaces - 48 Pics
Fun Ideas To Make The Most Of Small Spaces – 48 Pics
a room filled with lots of clutter and bookshelves covered in glass windows
magical library room - very quaint, organized in a quirky and distinctive manner, personable, and Bohemian.
an old cobblestone street in front of a building with a green door and window
a quieter storm
littlepapercrown: The Crooked House of Windsor ~ The Oldest Teahouse in England
a green door on the side of a brick building with arched glass and stone steps
Art nouveau
One of the most stunning art nouveau doors ever photographed... what a quirky and fabulous entrance to a home.