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andy, 1972 (duane michals) Duane Michaels is one of my Favorite Photographers, especially the series like this Andy Warhol, whenever I think of Warhol this is the image that comes to mind!

Duane Michals, The moment before the tragedy

Sequence- Telling of a story through photographs. The sequence is telling of a couple who break apart when they get up the stairs from the subway, and a man left behind, watching.

El cielo es el limite o soy el numero 1 / Professor J. Robert Oppenheimer by Philippe Halsman, c. 1958

Professor J. Robert Oppenheimer by Philippe Halsman, c. 1958 Oppenheimer was overseeing the Manhattan Project, development of the atomic bomb.


Duane Michals- Un Fotógrafo Distinto - [ Recomendado ]

Jacques Henri Lartigue (1894-1986)

Jacques Henri Lartigue: Der Springer, °ca.

Jacques Henri Lartigue - Fotógrafo

Jacques Lartigue was born in Courbevoie on June He took his first photographs at the age of six, using his father’s camera, and st.

Biarritz 1905  Jacques-Henri Lartigue

guitty (marguérite bourcart) playing on the tideline, la barre de l’adour, biarritz, 1905 photo by jacques-henri lartigue, from how to read a photograph

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