Sweet potato and lentil croquettes
No refined carbohydrates, no added sugar, no sweeteners, no cheating with honey either.  This is a flapjack recipe with absolutely no junk!  Also can be made dairy free.
Sugar free, egg free, can be dairy free sweet potato scones.  Ideal for babies on finger foods, toddlers for a snack and tasty enough for adults!
Porridge Fingers Recipe. The perfect baby-led weaning breakfast!
A tapas style recipe which is great for toddlers.  I mean, why not?  So much tapas is finger food and delicious!
Banana bread with no added sugar.  Great for little fingers to pick up.
Tuna 'meat'balls (if you can stand the mess this would be great finger food!
Baked spinach and potato bites
Banana pancakes, the pancake batter is sugar free  Could there be a better Sunday #Breakfast #recipe?  I think not...
No added sugar apple pies

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Meatballs, great finger foods if you can stand the mess!
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cauliflower bites
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Yummy tuna croquets recipe for baby led weaning #blw
Great Finger Foods
Sugar free, no nasties apple scones.