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Diy : Make your favorite map panel @Kalee Hughes Hughes Hughes Hughes Bailey didn't you want to do something like this?

Not necessarily a map but forgot about this kind of project. Did these in elementary school art. DIY Favorite Map Panel DIY Favorite Map Panel - gift of the place you love for someone you love

Disney: old story - new ending illustrations by Seventy Two

Disney: old story - new ending illustrations by Seventy Two. Disney hasn't tackled the story of Red Riding Hood since Walt's 1922 Laugh-O-Gram short. Perhaps it's time for a re-telling of this famous fairy tale?

Cosplayer Makes Cell-Shaded Jeans For Borderlands Costume

Cosplayer extraordinaire Kirameku is in the midst of a Borderlands cosplay for the ages, based on her jeans at least.It's hard to bring that unique . View "Cosplayer's Borderlands Jeans Are Cel-Shaded Perfection" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Borderlands 2 Pandora Tundra Express Vintage by KnerdKraft

Borderlands: Vintage Pandora Travel Posters - Created by David Bennett Available now on Etsy