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Catherine Jones

Catherine Jones
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The Heart Block Poem For more mnemonics, visit our site!

The Heart Block Poem was a great mnemonic when I was learning heart rhythms. It helps you to remember the different types of heart blocks and how to detect them on the monitor.

GI Tract nutrient absorption

GI Tract nutrient absorption-- I think this is so neat because I'm a dork

COPD patho

COPD pathophysiology: emphysema (pink puffer), chronic bronchitis (blue bloater) by patrice

Hmmm might be possible to make boat with just string, twigs and a triangle of paper. Maybe. According to this piccy anyhow.

Help the kids gathered sticks, and tie with yarn. make sail and attach to string/or fishing pole for summer fun in lake or swimming pool with this Handmade boat - what a cute idea!

DIY Balloon Rocket | Cool Craft Project for Boys by DIY Ready at

29 FUN Crafts For Kids That Adults Will Enjoy Doing Too Balloon rockets! -- 29 creative crafts for kids that adults will actually enjoy doing, too! If you appreciate arts and crafts a person will love this site!

40 Great Craft Ideas For Boys!

Making crafts with boys. Easy craft projects to use for boy scout camps and for boys to make and sell. Simple, fun and easy crafts that boys will enjoy. Craft projects especially for boys to make.