In those days when you sat down on the floor, it was gonna be a long talk with a good friend!

kids today will never understand laying on the floor talking on the phone that has a cord attached to the wall

This was the first Tressy doll made by American character - 1964. I had one of these! You had to use her "T" key from her belt to wind back her long strands of hair that came out the top of her head.

I had a brunette Tressy and her hair rocked. If only my hair would grow long by pulling on it!

Pink Panther chocolate bar Strawberry chocolate - ate 8 at my birthday and still feel sick thinking about them!

Samsung SCH-i545 Galaxy S4 16GB Android Smartphone Verizon + GSM - White (Certified Refurbished

#retrofire #70's I remember ours when we moved to our flat in 1970......we thought it so swish not having to use the paraffin heaters :-)

Gas fire and hearth - we had two like this, one in the front room, one in the middle room

Maxkintosh's Mint Cracknel - remember these? Out about the same time as Swisskit. Thin chocolate bar with a bright green mint centre which was like fibre glass.

Mackintoshs Mint Cracknel - you can still buy this or a variant in South Africa