Top 38 Easy and Cheap DIY Christmas Crafts Kids Can Make. You can fit a lot of projects in over winter break :]

15 DIY Christmas Cards Kids Can Make; a collection of 15 amazing yet simple Christmas Card Craft ideas for kids from toddler to teen!

Single Red Christmas Tree REPRODUCTION Watercolor by jellybeans

Single Red Christmas Tree REPRODUCTION Watercolor Greeting Card

This would be a fun fingerprint project.This says: Single Red Christmas Tree REPRODUCTION Watercolor Greeting Card

Paint a background for the Christmas trees with water paint. Use different colours and let them blend into each other. Use plenty of water for nice bright colours.Outline the trees with silver or gold marker. Draw a simple branch structure. Draw the strains with brown pencil or use the metallic pins. Draw snowflakes with a white (correction) marker Paste artwork on colored background. Sprinkle glitter on forest floor.tear pieces of music paper and paste

Simply stunning and very do-able Christmas art project to do with the kids. Via Kids Artists: Colourful Christmas trees

Good Ideas For You | Kids Christmas Crafts -Miss lola wants to make these! Looks pretty simple and easy!

Craft Stick Snowman - This snowman made out of craft sticks is super easy and fun for kids of all ages to make! Super cute and , fun for everyone.

January Craft:footprint penguins Use black construction paper and cut outs for accessories of penguin.

Winter Footprint Penguin Craft!

Our bubble wrap snow globe snowman would be a great new addition to your Christmas Tree.

Bubble Wrap Snowman Christmas Tree Decoration