Whiteboard markers on a mirror... from Listen - Joanne Haynes (",)

Whiteboard markers on a mirror. from Listen - Joanne Haynes (",)

Canvas painted with blackboard paint

Chalkboard Painted Canvas

Paint a canvas with chalkboard paint for a changing art installation, made by little people. Make Chaseyboy one with one of our medium canvas.

mark-making in rainbow sand

Make Your Own Zen Sand Tray for Drawing and Writing

Make your own zen sand tray for writing and drawing. Combine the sensory experience of sand play with early literacy & creativity with a DIY zen sand tray.

Warm a plate and then draw on with crayons.  To clean plate - warm again in microwave and wipe

Play Create Explore: Crayon Melting on a Warm Plate.also melting the crayons with a hair dryer is so much fun!

Coloured sand art - colour sand with food colouring.  Make patterns in sand, draw a pattern with glue on paper and take a print of the sand.

Dilly-Dali Art: Sand Prints Another idea: draw design in colored sand and then put a piece of foam board or cardboard that has been brushed with glue on top of design and pull a sand print from it.