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1904 North Electric Co. phone, I have my Grandparents phone that was in there old house. So want to put a land line phone inside of it.Its always good to have the good old stand by so in case the ele goes out. Vintage Love, Retro Vintage, Vintage Antiques, Vintage Items, Antique Phone, Vintage Phones, Radios, Old Phone, Edwardian Era

1904 North Electric Co. phone. We used a phone like this until we moved off the farm. Lots of party-line neighbors. :)

SOLDglass stereo cabinet- return to the - and components - Norma Gail - Deep Nostalgia My Childhood Memories, Sweet Memories, Childhood Toys, School Memories, Family Memories, Radios, Retro, Oldschool, 80s Kids

Knowing NEVER to touch a stereo system that was in a glass cabinet:

There was a time when you found playing with a Dustbuster exciting.

Memories of the old days: 8 Track tape player. My Childhood Memories, Sweet Memories, School Memories, Ed Vedder, The Distillers, Musica Disco, 8 Track Tapes, This Is Your Life, I Remember When

Ten Auto Inventions That Have Come And Gone

8 Track Tape Player. My Father Had Hundreds Of 8 Tracks. I Remember Thinking Some Of The Music He'd Play Was Horrid. Funny How Things Come Full Circle. As I Now Enjoy Listening To Some Of The Same Stuff. Especially The Old Country.