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True Romance Movie Still Pop Art

This original painting was inspired by a movie still from "True Romance. This one is for all you Quentin Tarantino fans.

True Romance. Patricia Arquette kills James Gandolphini with a corkscrew, broken glass, hairspray and a cigarette lighter.

In about five seconds, "Medium" drives that cork screw into the top of " Tony Soprano" 's foot. This is my favourite Tarantino movie.

True Romance by James Fenwick, for Cult Cinema Sunday

True Romance, by James Fenwick. xombiedirge: “ True Romance by James Fenwick X Giclee print, S/N edition of Available Monday April GMT HERE ”

Clarence + Alabama Worley | True Romance | 1993

You’re so cool. You’re so cool. You’re so cool. tarkowski: Christian Slater & Patricia Arquette in True Romance