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Sensory Game for Children with Marshmallows: Fun for Kids!

Kids Creative Chaos pre school activities, games for children, art projects: Sensory Game for Children with Marshmallows ~ Fun for Kids!

preschool money and math idea

During our circle time we also had fun counting coins. The kids each took turn rolling the number die, identifying the number and then counting out that amount of pennies.

Positional word activity to use in conjunction with night/day, Goodnight Moon or nursery rhymes

The Preschool Experiment: Tot Trays: Goodnight Moon. Lots of counting activities

Outdoor preschool activity ideas for the summertime to encourage learning while playing including water table and sensory bins.

Preschool Outdoor Activities: Where It's Okay to Get Messy

8 cups of flour, 1 cup of baby oil and food coloring! Alternative to play sand and can add variety of objects to make it applicable to different topics

Paint popcorn and marshmallows with colored milk for a fun (and edible!) activity.

edible paint so cool and really easy.paint all sorts of goodies.get the kids involved too! - Make edible paint by mixing milk and food coloring together. For a thicker paint, try sweet evaporated milk.

PHASES OF THE MOON - There are much cleaner versions of this on Pinterest, but here is my contribution to this awesome fun activity. Use Oreo cookies to represent the phases of the moon. Have the kids yell out which type of moon they want to eat first. #preschool #science #moon #phases #space

Describe the changes in the observable shape of the moon over the course of about a month.

Color Change Marshmallow Science Experiment (Fantastic Fun and Learning)

Marshmallow Science Experiment-Color Change

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