Julian Opie - " Blur ", 2000, National Portrait Gallery, London. (Originally done for their Album cover)

(Originally done for their Album cover)this peice is simple and uses primary colours to create a happy feel to it.Tone has been left out to achive the simplistic piece

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Blur frontman Damon Albarn recently admitted that he "f***ing hates 'Country House" and wishes they could eliminate it from every live set

Blur. I ♥ Britpop. Other than MTV's 120 Minutes, it was hard to hear much of it in the 90's USA. It was overpowered by grunge. But when I heard Girls and Boys, nothing sounded like it at the time, so I got the Parklife CD as soon as I found it. After that I got every CD Blur ever put out in the US, and loved them all!

Damon from Blur wears Slazenger Heritage Jacket

cryinglightningbolts: “ I’ve been obsessing about Blur lately. ”

Blur Tender is the ghost The ghost I love the most Hiding from the sun Waiting for the night to come Tender is my heart I'm screwing up my life Lord I need to find Someone who can heal my mind