Pinwheel earrings.

I need these earrings. I love a pinwheel. Tiny Pinwheel Earrings ll by mxmjewelry on Etsy

All our rings are handmade and unique. We use fresh wood, jewelry resin and beeswax.The rings are designed and made by Secret Wood exclusively.What you see is the actual ring sent to the customer, we never edit any pictures. When you order this ring, it will be similar in shape and colour, but not exactly the same - it will be one of a kind.Please note -it takes 4-5 weeks to make your ring, so please plan accordingly. You can also speed up your order and we'll make it ...

Amazingly Beautiful Miniature Snowy Worlds Trapped Inside Wooden Rings by MySecretWood.

Namaste secret message copper om lotus flower ring by ZennedOut

Be vast & Brilliant hamsa hand crescent moon copper secret message ring, customizable ring, inspirational gift, RTS

Pendulum Pendant Set, $38 | 28 Pieces Of Jewelry That Look More Expensive Than They Are

28 Pieces Of Jewelry That Look More Expensive Than They Are

Pendulum Pendant Set - Solid Brass Spike - Tribal, Industrial Necklace set - Raw Gold Matte Brass - Unisex - Gift Box by MySelvagedLife on Etsy

STITCH IN TIME RING – La Luna Rose Jewellery

Please note: This item of jewellery may have minor wear due to being a press sample, it may have been used in a photoshoot or it was simple our fir

Meadowlark - Love Cats Necklace

Meadowlark is honored to join forces with SPCA Auckland for their Annual Paws Appeal Week. SPCA Auckland cares for animals lost, ab.

This ring looks like the pattern the tea plantations looked from the window of that train in Sri Lanka that took you from coast to coast. Sticking your head out that far probably wasn’t safe, but the air tasted so delicious you just had to risk it.  - .925 Sterling Silver - Band measures 9mm in width - Available in 2 colourways   WORLDWIDE SHIPPING $10.  FREE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OVER $150

La Luna Rose designs jewellery made from Japanese glass beads & sterling silver. From New Zealand, Melbourne &Bali, join the La Luna Rose adventures