We did this in a 2nd grade classroom today and it went GREAT!!! How to Make Paper Plate Roses

How to Make Paper Plate Roses

paper plate craft for kids - Cute idea for Mother's Day! Make forever roses for being forever in her heart with these paper plate roses!

wooden spoon dragon craft for St Geroge's Day

Wooden spoon dragon for St George

Dragon sock puppet http://mylittle3andme.co.uk/st-georges-day-dragon-sock-puppet-free-pattern/

No Sew Dragon Sock Puppet (Free Pattern

Super Homemade Gift - No-sew DRAGON SOCK PUPPET (free printable pattern). Great fun and a fantastic way to promote language, communication and story telling.

St Georges day cupcakes

St Georges day cupcakes Each rainbow could have a few mini cup cakes to do

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