Different types of Basil

Types of natural mosquito repelling plant: Basil - basil is not just good in your pasta dish… it is good to keep those pests at bay come summertime.

Basil Brush!

The first book I ever borrowed from the library, aged was Basil Brush goes Boating. My lovely wee brother bought me a toy Basil Brush for my tenth birthday.

Mint lemonade

Ginger-Mint Lemonade

Invigorating mint and refreshing lemonade make for the perfect 3 in One!

Mojito with fresh mint

Low calorie mojito recipe that calls for Diet Sprite and Splenda instead of club soda and sugar. My favorite low cal fancy cocktail.


Growing Mint Plant Indoors: How to Grow Mint Herb

Mint Sauce

Mint Sauce - eaten with roast lamb

Thai Basil Seed Drink

Health Benefits of Papa's Basil Seed Drink--♥ basil seed drinks!

Pesto bites

Celebrate pesto's premiere

Uova Benedetto (Poached Eggs on Polenta with Pesto and Crisp Prosciutto) - Poached Eggs Recipes - Sunset

Perfect with Mint Sauce!

"Sociology Student Sheep": Humor for Sociologists and Those Who Love Them. This exact meme was mentioned in my SOC class today.

Fresh pesto

Preventing fresh pesto from turning brown

Mint Ice Cream

Has to be the best ice-cream - Mint Choc Chip

Mint & Chocolate cake

This Layered Mint Chocolate Fudge recipe from Eagle Brand® Sweetened Condensed Milk is a simple and delicious gift for your neighbors, coworkers or friends!

A book of Basil

Basil by Wilkie Collins (Cornwall)

Basil Leaves

full of anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial goodness.smell it.

Here's the front of one of the Ocado tote bags up for grabs.

'Peas Not Queues Please' Cotton Tote Bag at Ocado


There are many cases where kidney stones can be treated with success with the help natural ingredients. The benefit of natural treatments is that they are safe and effective and there are no side effects to be feared.