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Anxiety and Overthinking Everything

Over-thinking everything is a horrid part of anxiety disorders. Over-thinking everything creates more anxiety. This tip helps stop over-thinking. Check it out.

Deeper Interest: Journalling. Follow the Breaking the Rules 4 day guide to writing journals/blog posts.

Breaking the Rules: journaling

Learn British Sign Language with Angellica Bell and Hearing Dogs!

Learn British Sign Language with Angellica Bell & Hearing Dogs. If an emergency occurs with a Deaf person this could be a vital skill.

The Festival of Dangerous Ideas

The Festival of Dangerous Ideas

Embracing Complexity

If Complexity were a person, she would be a Socialist.

Anthropology Articles : Computational Anthropology Reveals How the Most Important People in History Vary by Culture | MIT Technology Review

Data mining Wikipedia people reveals some surprising differences in the way eastern and western cultures identify important figures in history, say computational anthropologists.