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Logo and screen printed, uncoated and unbleached paper bag for Monterrey-based traditional Italian restaurant Iannilli designed by Savvy

Nice identity for Ianilli , a traditional Italian restaurant. Designed by Savvy Studio , really enjoy the pop of green against the brown kr.

Shopping Bag PSD MockUp #2 | GraphicBurger

Today& freebie is a new photorealistic shopping bag mock-up to showcase your latest artworks or branding projects.

Addition Adelaide Limited shopping bags addition-adelaide.com

Homework is a creative consultancy and graphic design studio offering brand identity, packaging and advertising for the fashion, art, design and luxury industry. Homework was founded in 2005 by Jack Dahl.

Mighty Lists: 15 creative shopping bags

Sometimes the shopping bag is more interesting than what is inside of it. Here are 15 of the most interesting, funny, and creative shopping .

This is truly insightful shopping bag design because what we shop in the grocery store is actually what we eat. Smart!

“The benefit of City Harvest is demonstrated as the empty stomach bags are filled with food. The bags are supplied to supermarkets, grocery stores, etc.” / Andy Winner and One Show Merit – food drive ideas

Paper Shopping Bags

Golgi Body receive materials from the endoplasmic reticulum and send them to other parts of the cells. The bag relates to the goligi body because the bag transport things.