Vicki-Kitchen: Chili beef bake (slimming world friendly)

This was another one of those recipes that came out of having some minced beef…

Vicki-Kitchen: Italian chicken pasta bake (slimming world friendly)

This is a fab easy one pot dinner, I love Italian flavours of tomato, garlic and basil but you can vary the herbs if you don& like basil tr.

Vicki-Kitchen: Slow cooker best ever bolognese ( Slimming world friendly)

I love spaghetti bolognese such an easy dinner and this recipe means you can just turn on the slow cooker as you leave for work and come ho.

Nacho style feast!!!!!! | Fopperholic

Nacho style feast!!!!!!

OMG slimming world nacho style feast! This is a must on an ee day! Seriously good, syn free if you use the cheese as your HEA. I spilt mine, so had half my milk for tea and cof…

tater tots slimming world friendly

tater tots (minced beef) slimming world friendly - Courtesy of 2 chubby cubs! Syn Free + HEX A.


Muller rice on slimming world are a no no, but with with this neat little recipe you can have syn free muller rice without wasting syn or fearing weight gain.