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Christina Chung

Christina Chung
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Freeze grapes and use them as ice in cocktails! It won't water them down!

Grape cocktail - Freeze grapes and use them as ice in cocktails - it won't water them down

I am sitting on this picnic table, drinking a tropical beverage, wearing a flowy dress and aviators, staring out across the ocean. Can you see me?

These coconut recipes go way beyond exotic cocktails. Every part of the palm tree's fruit-oil, water, milk, and meat—can be used to infuse tropical flavor (and a dose of healthy fatty acids) into all kinds of coconut dishes

summer berry coconut milk ice pops recipefrom Vibrant Food book / sfgirlbybay

Summer Berry-Coconut Milk Ice Pops from Kimberly Hasselbrink's Vibrant Food, featured on sfgirlbybay. Seems like the perfect (healthy!) treat on a hot day.

A rainbow array of organic heritage tomatoes from the Market Garden

This is a fantastic way of using up ripe tomatoes that are becoming too soft to use for salads.