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'crew transfers complete,the Enterprise-F leaves the solar system,bound for the very edge of known space. 'after two days at high Warp,a distress signal from near the old Romulan Neutral Zone requi.

We Are One Step Closer to a Lightsaber Scientists at Harvard and MIT discover the basis of a new form of matter—the ability for light to interact.

Luke Skywalker wielding his lightsaber aboard the Khetanna during the Battle of the Great Pit of Carkoon, Tatooine (Where Jabba the Hut and Boba Fett died.

usscucuboth: “ Cover art (by Martin Frei) for the Star Trek novel ‘The Crimson Shadow’(by Una McCormack) ”

The Next Generation - The Fall 2 - Der Karminrote Schatten - Coverentwurf von Cross Cult

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the uss enterprise a with cutaway sections of the hull to see inside! USS ENTERPRISE A

Here Are 11 Beautiful Pieces of Star Trek Art, Because Why Not?

Mike Mahle’s Star Trek art for Poster Posse. All Images: Poster Posse

The Enterprise - Star Trek

The USS Enterprise sometimes referred to as the Enterprise-A from Star Trek 5 and

Starfleet ships • Polaris-class from Star Trek Armada III by...

USS SOLARIS - Advanced Extra-heavy Battlecruiser with 'slipstream' drive as a standard feature. Advanced WARP capability also as a dual standard in pair with slipstream drive. A massive juggernaut with speed, agility and power to punch.

These sizes don't match up too well with the Eaglemoss Star Trek ships collection.