I wish I could do the splits that good... Another show that's good.

I wish I could do the splits that good. The Next Step: Emily aka Alexandra Beaton

Love Riley on the next step!!

Rockin=because she's a contemporary dancer Incredible:because she stands up for what's right Lovely=shes nice to everyone Younger sister: Emily's her older sister

the next step family channel I'm I love with this show, I am a total Stephanie

Getting to Your Next Step: Advice on Dancing, Auditions & Life from the Cast of The Next Step, by Lori Straus. Appeared in Just Dance! dance magazine in British Columbia.

The Next Step: Kate

Kate is just amazing, she is a second mother to A troupe if she was my aunty or a family friend of mine i would love that because she always looks out for u know matter what hahaha lol